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Promotional materials

It’s the one thing many photographers dread. Marketing. I mean photographers want to do one thing and that is to shoot! But, in order to get the jobs or the clients to shoot, it’s important to market and promote your photography business. With that said, promotional materials are key in getting your photography business noticed. [...]

Make your images POP online

Digital technology has changed the way actors submit their headshots. Online casting agencies like LA casting, Now Casting and  Breakdown Services really on online submissions for actors. What this means is your “headshot” that  you spent hundreds of dollars on now comes down to a few pixels amongst millions of other pixels. Those other pixels [...]

Backing up your data

You shot it, edited it and retouched it and gave it to the client. Everything seems fine until one day it just disappears. Your hard drive starts to click and just decides to call it quits. And, just like that your images are gone. As a photographer, backing up your files is crucial. File should [...]

The Pro Card

Rays Photo Lab offers great savings with the exclusive Pro Card. Get over $275 in services for $45.00.  The Pro Card is valid for one year and can be used at any of our locations. This is what you get :
50% off your setup (up to two photos). value of $28.00
10 free 4×6 proof prints. [...]

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