You only want to share “some” of your pics

You got your link, saw your pics and want to share. ONE problem, there are some shots that you don’t feel comfortable sharing, (bad angles, blinking or even a little too risque), so what do you do?  Simple. Mark all the shots you want to share as a favorite. Feel free to add as many [...]

Custom Originals – What and Why?

Custom originals are also commonly known as enlargements, blow-ups or master prints. Not everybody needs a custom original, and those that do need them don’t realize it, or don’t understand why they would… or even what they are.
A custom original is a single original print of your image, which has been custom color correct and [...]

Unsure of which shots to reproduce?

So now you have seen your images from your photo shoot and there are just way too many good ones that you don’t know which ones to get reproduced for your headshots. Don’t worry, this is a “good” problem to have. It’s much better to have too many good ones, than the opposite.  Imagine if [...]

Monitors vs Prints

Color theory can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to some. While there is a lot to know about color management, profiling and calibration,  we will give you a basic explanation to the famous question: ” Why doesn’t my print look like it does on my monitor”.
Please note: it is nearly impossible to replicate the [...]

Nancy Jo Gilchrist – Headshot Photographer

Nancy Jo Gilchrist is a preferred photographer from Rays Photo Lab. She has been working with Rays for years.
“As a working photographer in L.A. for well over 20 years, I have worked with many photo labs. Because I run my business in an extremely personal fashion, where EVERY client is of upmost importance to me, [...]