Monitors vs Prints

Color theory can be a bit confusing and overwhelming to some. While there is a lot to know about color management, profiling and calibration, ¬†we will give you a basic explanation to the famous question: ” Why doesn’t my print look like it does on my monitor”.

Please note: it is nearly impossible to replicate the colors you see on your  monitor with those in a printed photograph, even with top notch professional equipment. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • Monitors display images that are backlit, producing and image that looks similar to a transparency or slide. A backlit image will always differ from a printed photograph.
  • Monitors display a different range of colors than printers.
  • Each monitor is different in the color it displays. (Both from the manufacture and the viewer settings).
  • Many files have “monitor” profiles, which are ignored when those files are printed.
  • Images on a screen are produced with rays of light and color gammas, while photographs are produced through chemistry and lithographs are produced with ink.

To help minimize the variances here are some guidelines:

  • Calibrate your monitor
  • View your files in sRGB color profile
  • Keep your monitor at it’s normal setting. (Do not adjust brightness or contrast)

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