Actor, Know Thyself! – Workshop

This class is the only class in town with the guts to tell you: Do You Have What It Takes to Make It in LA? This rarely taught workshop is designed to teach you who are in the eyes of the industry and to show you how you compare with the top working actors today.  This class is for the beginner, the “middle class” actor looking to take their career to the next level and the professional trying to stay on top in a constantly changing industry.  You’ll learn what sets the A-List Actor apart from the rest of the world and find out if you can do the same.  By the end of the six weeks you’ll know exactly how the industry sees you, where you fit in and how to be a master at branding and marketing yourself.  More importantly you’ll learn what makes you unique and how to use that knowledge to advance your career!
This 6-Week Intensive Workshop will include:

Weeks 1-3: “Know Your Type and Image”

· Do You Have a Look that Sells?
· Do You Have that “Star Personality?”
· What “Type” Are You?
· What Roles Will You Most Likely Play?
· What Makes You Unique?
· How Do You Brand and Market Yourself?
· How Do You Find the Perfect Agent?
· What Do Casting Directors Really Want From You?
· Headshot and Demo Evaluations.
· Sample “Successful” Headshot Session.

Weeks 4-6: “Bring ‘Yourself’ to Your Work”

· How Does Your Talent Compare to A-List Actors?
· What Are Your Strengths as an Actor?
· How Do You Bring Your “Uniqueness” to a Role?
· Be “True to Your Type” in Every Aspect of Your Work.
· How To “Act Like Yourself” on Camera.
· What Truly Drives You and How to Use It In Your Work.
· How Do You Make Yourself Unforgettable?
· The Secrets to a Long and Successful Career!

And as an added bonus…

* The Class Ends with a Taped Interview for a Top LA Agent!

Tuition for this 6-Week Intensive Workshop is only $375!
(This is a very special one time only price. That’s around $62 per class!)

Sign Up Now! Class Size is Limited!
Call: (818) 386-1266 or email:

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