Headshot FAQ

Printing your headshots can be a bit overwhelming at times for actors. If you need help getting started with the basics of headshots, here is some basic info to help get you up to speed.

Once you’ve made your decision on the shot you want to get printed up, you are ready to do your headshot reproductions. Also referred to as

  • headshots
  • reproductions
  • multiples
  • copies
  • repros

You will have a choice of borders. Below is a list of common borders.

  • white border
  • bleed
  • black line
  • solid color
  • sloppy border

Most headshots have your stage name or SAG name printed on the headshot. The most important rule is that your name is legible and can be read clearly and easily. Try to avoid script or fancy fonts. Casting directors don’t care if you name has cute little serifs on the letters. They just want to be able to read it! We recommend clean fonts such as arial, times new roman, brooklyn, americana and southern.