So you wanna be an actor…

Becoming an actor is all about the journey and less about the arrival.  Only a small percent of actors will become the “stars” we think of as actors. While you may dream of hitting it big, it’s more likely that you will be pounding the pavement and creating your own breakthrough moments.

Hollywood and the film industry is a business, so your ability to navigate the professional side is a major component. You will essentially be your own company in charge of promotions, advertising and talent.  It will be up to you, to have the materials and follow through to make connection and relationships that will help you gain exposure.

Success can mean many things. Some actors have an entire carrier of just doing commercials. Others may be in soap operas or work regularly in TV or film, even though you’ve probability never heard of them.  Only you can decide which path is right for you.

Everyone will have an opinion of how they see you as an actor, if they like your photos, acting choices or even your hair. Hold on to what you think is important; if you changed yourself for every person out there you wouldn’t be you!

Being an actor can be filled with incredible highs, and lows, and it’s not right for everyone.  Remember there are many roads to success, so get out there and start paving your way.