Border options for horizontal images

Horizontal images often have a great look, but actors often struggle with the border selection when it comes time to reproduce the head shots. It has been known that casting directors, agents and managers do NOT like to have to figure out the orientation of a head shot. Therefore, most heads shots are in fact [...]

Custom Originals – What and Why?

Custom originals are also commonly known as enlargements, blow-ups or master prints. Not everybody needs a custom original, and those that do need them don’t realize it, or don’t understand why they would… or even what they are.
A custom original is a single original print of your image, which has been custom color correct and [...]

Digital File Size Requirements

Ensuring your digital files are sized accordingly are key to getting a beautiful photograph. If you have a low res file, you will see digital artifacts and pixelation in the print.  In order to know whether your image file is large enough, here are a couple tips.

The over-all size of the image is an indicator. [...]

Photo vs Litho

“So, what’s the big deal?” you may ask. What sets a photograph and a lithograph apart? Why are lithos cheaper? What makes photos better? The answer is in the chemistry and the paper.
Rays Photo Lab prides themselves on delivering the best possible prints with superior quality. Therefore, we only print our reproductions on high quality [...]


Cropping has always been one of those things many get confused with. Without getting to technical, we will explain how cropping and aspect ratio works with your photos in a basic way and hopefully it will explain most of your cropping questions.  Before we get started, here are some key factors:

Aspect ratio is the relationship [...]

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