Test prints

Rays Photo Lab offers FREE test prints when you place an order for  25 or more 8×10 reproductions of one image. Test prints, most simply put, is the last proof of a headshot before it goes to print.
Our signature test prints include three different tones – (light, medium, dark tones). Offering a range of tones allows [...]

Make your images POP online

Digital technology has changed the way actors submit their headshots. Online casting agencies like LA casting, Now Casting and  Breakdown Services really on online submissions for actors. What this means is your “headshot” that  you spent hundreds of dollars on now comes down to a few pixels amongst millions of other pixels. Those other pixels [...]

The process of printing your headshots

So, you’ve made a decision! After selecting the right photographer for a successful photo shoot, and much time spent pouring over the resulting photos, you have the winning shot: the “be all, end all” masterpiece of headshot photography. But, now what? What must be done in order to turn this photo into a proper headshot?
At [...]

Choosing a headshot photographer

There are so many photographers that shoot headshots today. If you google LA HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHERS, you will get over 86,000 results. Yes, that’s right Eighty Six Thousand!  Some are experienced photographers bringing years of experience, while others are just starting out and it also seems as if everyone knows a “friend” who is a photographer [...]

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