How to size your files for online sessions

Rays online photo sessions use the following guidelines:

RGB color space
jpg files
sized 900 pixels in height at 72dpi
file names no longer than 15 characters
color corrected in sRGB profile

If you want to provide us the files and have us color correct and adjust for online proofing, become a PRO member. We handle all the file prep and [...]

Digital File Size Requirements

Ensuring your digital files are sized accordingly are key to getting a beautiful photograph. If you have a low res file, you will see digital artifacts and pixelation in the print.  In order to know whether your image file is large enough, here are a couple tips.

The over-all size of the image is an indicator. [...]

Promotional materials

It’s the one thing many photographers dread. Marketing. I mean photographers want to do one thing and that is to shoot! But, in order to get the jobs or the clients to shoot, it’s important to market and promote your photography business. With that said, promotional materials are key in getting your photography business noticed. [...]

Backing up your data

You shot it, edited it and retouched it and gave it to the client. Everything seems fine until one day it just disappears. Your hard drive starts to click and just decides to call it quits. And, just like that your images are gone. As a photographer, backing up your files is crucial. File should [...]