Actor, Know Thyself! – Workshop

This class is the only class in town with the guts to tell you: Do You Have What It Takes to Make It in LA? This rarely taught workshop is designed to teach you who are in the eyes of the industry and to show you how you compare with the top working actors [...]

Nancy Jo Gilchrist – Headshot Photographer

Nancy Jo Gilchrist is a preferred photographer from Rays Photo Lab. She has been working with Rays for years.
“As a working photographer in L.A. for well over 20 years, I have worked with many photo labs. Because I run my business in an extremely personal fashion, where EVERY client is of upmost importance to me, [...]

Bjoern Kommerell – Headshot Photographer

Bjoern Kommerell is a preferred photographer from Rays Photo Lab. We have been working with him for years and have mastered his printing to ensure they look they way he intended it to.
“After so many years of working with a lot of photo labs in town, I can truly say that Rays is one of [...]

Alan Weissman – Headshot Photographer

Alan Weissman is a preferred photographer from Rays. Also known as the Master of Light, recognized by Kodak and showcased internationally for his work across the world. Alan has trusted Rays with his headshot, celebrity, pet and fine art work for years.
“Rays Photolab has always been there for me. They understand the value of customer [...]

Paul Gregory – Headshot Photographer

Paul Gregory is a preferred photographer from Rays and has been working with us for years.
“I’ve been using Rays Photo Lab for over 15 years, they are the best for all your photo needs! “- Paul Gregory.
Some of his work can be seen below, including images of Amy Adams, Peter Facinelli, Reid Ewing and Sherri [...]

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