Building your portfolio

Most modeling portfolios are 9×12, ranging from 15-30 pages, depending on the resume of the model. Often, models will opt for a larger size print portfolio, going up to 11×14 in size.  Some key notes on modeling portfolios:

  • Include as many different looks and variety as you can
  • Have a mix of black & white and color prints
  • Cover the range – close-ups, 3/4 shots, full body
  • Diversify your look
  • Mix up the style of images and photography

You typically want to have the 9×12 prints done as a bleed (no border) to maximum the space.  In doing so, most images will have to be cropped. Be sure your files can accommodate the necessary cropping for the portfolio.  If you can not crop the image accordingly, you may want to consider doing a vertical 2 way  bleed, which will give you borders only on the sides, none on the top. To find out more about cropping, click here..