Uploading files via FTP

Call or email us to sign up for a FREE secure FTP account on our server.  Once you have your login and password from our IT dept, simply do the following.

Use your FTP software to access our server. Fetch, Cyberduck are a couple good FTP clients.

  1. login to the server. IP address is
  2. enter your login and password
  3. upload ONE folder at a time to the root of our FTP.  (folders should be named with client’s first and last name)

Once the upload is complete, email info@raysphotolab.com. This is very important. Without this email, your files will not be processed.

Be sure to put the client’s name in subject followed by UPLOAD. (ie: John Doe Upload).  The body of the email should include client’s first and last name, email address and phone number. Also include the number of files uploaded. This will notify us that your files were sent and will be processed accordingly. We will not be aware of any files uploaded unless the email is sent.  A sample email is listed below: